Our next big session will be an Ad Buying Masterclass! This ad buying overview will cover everything you need to know in order to run successful online campaigns. Not only will we walk you through how to properly target your audience and manage your campaigns but we will also show you real-world examples! This session is one of our favorites because it covers the true backbone to any successful digital marketing company. So what all are we going to cover exactly? We are glad you asked.

Campaign objectives can be tricky. In fact, some of them tend to work better for certain situations than you might think. Knowing what your end goal is will help you calculate which campaign objectives you should be using for your specific campaign. Not only will we breakdown the differences between these objectives but we will also explain how to use them with existing posts to build content awareness and engagement.

Objective stacking will be a key topic during this session. Knowing how to properly split your budget across multiple objectives on the same ad will improve the overall effectiveness of your campaigns. The key to brewing the perfect storm for ad buying consists of getting eyes on your content, people to engage with your post, and finding customers who are historically most likely to purchase. We will walk you through every step of this process so you understand why it’s important to invest in your posts.

Your campaigns don’t stop the minute your ads get approved. In fact, this is just the beginning! Learning how to optimize your campaign and make adjustments will allow your campaigns to continue getting better results. Maybe you are being outbid or your creative isn’t converting. There are so many possibilities that could require your attention in order for you to see results. We are happy to cover this at our Summit so you can be ready against any challenge that comes your way.

Placements are where your content will appear to your audience. Knowing the behavior of users can determine where and why you want your content seen. If your long format video is showing in places that historically have short view times, then maybe pushing your budget into better placement is a more optimal strategy. I know this all seems a little too much, that’s why we break it down for you so you can become a placement master!

The world is moving to voice commands and searches. AI technology is rapidly advancing to learn how to analyze and process this data so you can optimize your ads. Our team will break down what this means for your business and how you can prepare for the major shift to voice.

Not only is AI analyzing voices but it is also decoding the influences of imagery on audiences. This can be an extremely complicated form of data analysis and we intend on making it much easier for you to grasp. Knowing that image data can influence your creative decisions will give you a more affordable approach to designing your creative and spending less on testing what works in campaigns.

Manual bidding and budgeting will be the last topics we cover in this immensely informative session. We will cover how to affordably test your market, optimize campaigns by splitting your budget through multiple objectives and how to properly manually set your bids so you can control spending. This session is sure to be one of the most valuable experiences we offer and we can’t wait for you to learn with us!

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