Wow, do we have some incredible speakers already lined up to take the stage! SkySprout Summit is proud to release round 1 of our keynote presenters. Our first guest, friend, and client is Drew Murray of Drew Murray Magic. Drew is a top-notch performer and an all-around class act. That is why it gives us the great privilege to allow him to guide you through our summit as our main emcee. His passion for magic and his utilization of marketing tactics to sell out shows will be a pivotal lesson in optimizing your online presence for event sales.



Our next speaker is an Ohio entrepreneurial tycoon. With over 40 years of family members owning small businesses, Zachary Traxler brings his experience, vision and online solutions to the summit stage. His background as the CEO and Founder of Traxler Printing, CEO of Alma Mater and countless appearances speaking at Facebook events, brings a unique experience for guests to learn from, engage with and adapt into their own business. Zach is sure to offer incredible value to anyone working in manufacturing, sales, design or non-profit organizations.



The Harmony Project’s very own Director of Digital Media, Kadi McDonald will also be joining us on stage! For over 10 years, Kadi has built her personal brand and her business on storytelling — being transparent and authentic in the way she tells her own story, while using her journalism degree to ask clients the right questions, create an atmosphere that encourages vulnerability, and tell the client’s story in a way that is meaningful. We can’t wait for Kadi to bring her perspective on digital marketing to the summit.



Emily Smith, Pelotonia’s Communications Manager will bring immense knowledge to the summit in July! As a highly respected social media, communications and marketing strategist, Emily has worked with different organizations including Pelotonia, M/I Homes, Crest, Oral-B, and Scope to set their brands apart. Being able to communicate in and out the workplace can set you up for success on so many levels in business. That is why we are beyond excited to welcome her this year!



A lot of what we do revolves around Facebook. Many of you probably found out about this event through a Facebook ad we ran! Alexander Rogers is a Facebook Community Leadership Circle Team Lead for Columbus, Ohio and the Co-Owner of Alex is Social. Alexander will bring an extensive amount of Facebook insights that we know will benefit you and your digital marketing mission.

That wraps up our first round of speaker announcements! We look forward to seeing you all at the Summit. If you are interested in speaking, sponsoring or volunteering, feel free to contact us directly. SkySprout Summit 2019 is one event you certainly do not want to miss out on if you are interested in expanding your digital marketing knowledge! Get your tickets now and reserve your hand-picked seats!

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